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The Leechburg Business Connection was started May 1st, 2004 as a dream to give Leechburg a website that meant something. Even though Leechburg is a town of 2,000+ people, there are actually over 300 businesses and organizations in the 842 and 845 exchange. provides business advertising for free to a local audience for your business, club, church, or private organization.

There are many ways to contribue to You can:

We also run a popular Facebook Page ( that publishes local news occasionaly. was started as a monthly payment online suppliment. Even if you had your own website, you could advertise on our site for about $8.00 per month. We did gain quite a few customers at first, but collecting payments became a problem. In September of 2008, the site was turned into a completly free community resource. The only income generated through the site was through the purchase of sponsored ads, or through Google AdWords. contines to strive to continue as a leader in local advertising using the internet. For more information about joining us, please visit our sign-up page or you can send e-mail Clint at

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