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The Developer: Clinton N. Godlesky

Clinton Godlesky has worked with computers for over 16 years. Facinated with websites and promoting information using the internet since the begining, he has made a career out of developing them.

Clinton holds an Associates Degree in Web Development which he obtained in December of 2004. He went from a person who created pages to display information, to a developer who uses a combination of databases and programming to develop websites.

He enjoys creating content management systems (CMS) and spends time researching new and better ways to create them. Using a CMS allows people with very little computer knowledge to update content on websites.

Clinton started as an online community for a town that did not have one. It grew in popularity and is one of the most visited websites in town. All of the work currently done to the site is a donation of his personal time to better the town he lives in.

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