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Castle Co-Packers

Office hours are Moday - Friday 9am to 5pm

Main Office 724-339-4040

For employment call Tracy Or Ken

Tracy Guyer 724-339-4040 ext 24

Ken Spang 724-339-4040 ext 15

Castle Co-Packers

Castle Co-Packers, LLC is an experienced, independent bottling plant. Located in New Kensington, PA, the business was stated in 2004. There are currently 90 customers that use their services. Castle Co-Packers focuses on high end, specialized brands.

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Castle Co-Packers, LLC is an experienced, independent bottling plant.  Located in New Kensington, PA, our business started in 2004.  We have over 90 customers that use our services.  Our focus is on high end, specialized brands.  In our facility, we have four production lines with a fifth on the way.  We have capabilities to fill a number of different bottles from plastic to glass.  Castle Co-Packers, LLC has an expert logistics service that oversees a 500,000 square foot warehouse.  Also, we are a Kosher and Organic Certified Plant.  Castle Co-Packers, LLC goes the extra mile with customer service, and we appreciate all of our customers’ support and business. NOW HIRING!! PRODUCTION WORKERS,FORKLIFT DRIVERS AND MAINTENCE.


We Welcome the Employee's of New Ken Windows to apply for employment.