Being a PHP developer, I always have tons of ideas for cool programs to make. Most of my projects are limited by only my imagination. One of my biggest desires programming wise is to create a program that will allow us to keep track of our day to day finances. Balancer and Billz does that, but we still have not made them into something we can use.

The newly released Relater builds on my idea that people like to arrange and relate data. I figured if someone really wanted to, they could create an entire website, catalog, or directory using this tool.

Please, if you want more information on any project, or might be interested in purchasing a licence for The Balancer, Billz, or Relater, feel free to contact me at Out of all 3, I feel that Balancer and Relater are the closest to being ready to go.




A new idea on a todo list. Lots of people have things they need to do, every day of the week. We do them so much, that we forget if we did them or not.

This handy tool lets you click off your daily tasks, so you can remember what you did.

Ask me about installing this on your PHP capable server today!

The demo has 3 tasks, but you can have as many and as little as you want. You can also use icons instead of text.

Can be combined with the Login Script for security. It comes in whatever color you want.

Daily Stuff


Version 2.0 of my custom made module based administration.

Has been made usable with mysql and oracle database software.

New Administration


Cross breeding the administration with the fresh idea of managing an auto garage.

Dean's Auto

Dean's Auto

Projects under development

A simple project that keeps a running total on a balance. Users will be able to keep multiple account listings saved.

The adding of amounts will be super simple and the site will be secure. Each person will have the ability to make their balance live to share with friends. Uses AJAX for faster data entry.




The Balancer

Live Demo

A PHP project that will help tackle bills the way I tackle them. Hopefully, in the process, others will enjoy doing it the same way and this will become popular.

Uses version 1.0 of my Balancer framework. It even shares the user management system. Extensive use of AJAX enables seamless updating and adding.





Live Demo

AJAZ based relation tool. Users can create a simple record, and then add children records to it. A record is simply a title and some text. Any record can have children added to it.


Live Demo

AJAX chat program. Currently in Alpha, can really only handle one conversation currently. Planning on adding multiple threads, a user list, etc.




A great login/register/forgot password script that provides a solid base for developing new web applications. I simply took the second generation login script from Billz, stripped it of it's program functionality, and added some nice configuration options.

All I need to do now to develop a session based login application is start with this batch of files.

Currently Private

Basic Login Script


A PHP project that simply sends e-mail reminders when your important events are coming. This has been done many times before, but with this project, a new spin will be taken, hopefully creating a fun way to be reminded that stuff is coming.

With the ability to email reminders, a simple text based approach will also be taken, allowing users to send text message reminders to cell phones as well.

Up and Coming
(Coming Soon)

A simple bamboo information database with the ability to add pictures, information, and share stories. Stems from my love of bamboo.

Most likely will be adapted for use with all plants.

Boo-net, Bamboo Base, Bamboo Database, etc.
(Coming Soon)


A quick text explianing the start of creating a PHP MYSQL Database Driven Website.

PHP Primer

Part 1

A nice text explaining how to create an entire web application using only one file and a couple of include files.

PHP Page Sectioning

Coming Soon!

Updated 12.09.2007