Balancer Version 1.4

Change Log:
02.18.2006 Idea created at home.
02.28.2006 Added ability to clear list, clear individual entries. Visual Formatting.
03.01.2006 Added ability to make new sheets, ability to edit entries, which keeps the editing controls in the same row.

Added account protection so that users can not manipulate the address bar and change accounts they do not own.

Added a warning system for changes, with plans to introduce a "verbose mode", which warns users for actions if they choose so. Like if they are going to delete a transaction, if verbose is turned on in transactions, they will get a classic "Are you sure?" message before the final action is performed.

Added Warning Message "Are you Sure" For sheet clears.

Added Warning Message "Your sheet has been cleared" after a sheet is cleared.


Added ability to delete a sheet.

Added "Verbose Mode". Works great for clear sheets and delete sheets. Next step is to roll it out to transaction deletes.

Added switch handling.

Added "Show Live Data" to help with application programming.

Added paging mode.

Fixed bugs that came about from paging mode.

Added verbose mode for transaction deleting.

03.05.2006 Fixed bug that would not let you delete an account if the verbose mode was not set.
03.07.2006 Added sectioning necesary for accounts, logins, registration, a control panel, and the calc.

Added registration PHP validation controls.

Fixed a bug that would not allow you to add records while in paging mode.


Finished up registration. Still have not opened the login screen for registred users, just my short list of accounts.

Added the "Thanks for Registering" screen.


Added simple paypal services, but must figure out why or even if paypal takes payments without a paypal account like they used to.

Added Control Panel Options, Functionability.


Worked out some IPN issues. Turned out that was blocking the IPN's call to the paypal servers. I've got to wait up to 24 hours until it's back on.

Added a paypal_history table.


Created a basic AJAX addrecord method. It was not very clean, but it worked.


Cleaned up new AJAX method. It's now just refreshes the table content view and reloads it within the div. Since my last work, I've learned that AJAX responses don't have to be XML, therefore allowing me to load plain HTML into the box. Next up I must rework ajax for the following:

  • Switching to edit view.
  • Switching to delete view.
  • Submitting an edited record
  • Deleting a record.
  • Changing a Sheet.
  • Paging.
  • Control Panel
  • Reworking the Warning System.
  • Core Services

Which of some I got done as you can see.


Fixed Javascript bug that would not let a user who just logged in to select a balance sheet. This created an issue where the "Add" dialog would not show up when logged in, so a script was created that would default to the lowest account number, to avoid this. Also fixed where the titles were not showing with AJAX.

In the add section, cleared fields and focused back on the name field after data entry.

Make a beta sheetviewer.php. Not sure where to place it in the interface, due to the AJAX nature of the program.

Future Needs:

  • Complete framework for making sheets viewable publicly.
  • Make an option to rename accounts, much like Flickr does.
  • Make the newest entry highlight somehow, like Basecamp does.

Made registrations free automatically for now.

New Bugs

  • Need to update account balance when sheet is updated.
  • When new account starts, there seems to be no input when 1st sheet is created.