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LBC Announces Release Date

Written By: Clinton N. Godlesky
Story Date: April 24th, 2004

The Leechburg Business Connection is proud to announce that we will officially open the site for business starting June 1st. All throughout the month of May I will be spreading the word to businesses and organizations. Depending on the interest it draws, the site will open as scheduled.

There are approximately 320 business in Leechburg and it would be ideal if we could sign them all up. That would create a great need for the site as it would contain a great deal of information about our town. With each business having information and media on the internet, it would greatly increase the town’s exposure to the outside world. All of our little hair shops, constructions companies, restaurants, and all of the rest will have even one more point of presentation to the outside world.

The site will receive its own URL starting shortly after May 1st. After the URL is set up and activate, mass promotion of the site will then start aiming to make the town aware of the resource. The address right now is just a temporary address for testing and reviewing purposes.

Here is hoping to the success of this site and to the success of all those who decide to sign up. For more information on how to sign up, please refer to the sign-up information page by clicking here.

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