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Apollo Bridge Construction Near Complete

Written By: Clinton N. Godlesky
Story Date: August 03rd, 2004

Work on the new Apollo Bridge looks to be near complete. The surface of the bridge has been poured and work on the sides are done or near done. The official website to view updates on the project is The past few weeks the crew has also worked on pouring the cement for the curbs along the new roadway construction in front of the bridge. This picture is an example of such work.

The crew at Brayman Construction seem to run a really good website always updating it with pictures and captions on sometimes a daily basis. It does not look at all like the old bridge, it more so resembles the Tarentum Bridge or the new bridge on PA 128 in Ford City. They currently plan to switch traffic onto the new bridge the week of August 16th. For an offical timeline, visit their Work Schedule.

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