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Leechburg Moose Welcomes New Moose Legionnaires

Written By: Leechburg Moose, Publications Committee
Story Date: June 19, 2007

On Saturday June 16, 2007 Leechburg Lodge 102, Loyal Order of Moose hosted an enrollment ceremony for the Western Pennsylvania Moose Legion #1. The ceremony, which began at 3:00PM, was conducted by the Western Pennsylvania Moose Legionís Board of Officers and the candidates included 13 members from our lodge. During the enrollment ceremony the candidates accepted the responsibilities of the second degree of our fraternity. Following the ceremony, a delicious dinner for the new legionnaires and their guests was provided by the lodge with the assistance of the chapter. This was the largest group of members our lodge has had enrolled into the Moose Legion at one time and it has tripled the number of legionnaires in our lodge.

The Second Degree of the Loyal Order of Moose, known as the Moose Legion, was organized in 1913 to provide an opportunity for those members of the fraternity who desire to make further contributions to the Order's philanthropic objectives. Also known as the Degree of Service, the Moose Legion provides a means of distinction for its members. Becoming a Moose Legionnaire is the first step towards advancing to the higher degrees.

There are at present more than 200 Moose Legions in the United States and Canada with an average membership of 10 percent of the Moose membership. Moose Legion "celebrations" are held at least quarterly in each jurisdiction. The Second Degree now enjoys a high position of membership strength, respect, and prestige. It has achieved this lofty level by compiling an outstanding record of fraternal achievement.

If you are interested in learning more about the Leechburg Moose and what it takes to become a member of the Moose fraternity contact the lodge at 724-842-3011 (after 6:00PM) or email them at

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