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Leechburg Elks Host Talk to Benefit Museum

Written By: Rosemarie Shea, Leechburg Elks Lodge Secretary
Story Date: May 23, 2008

Leechburg Elks has presented several informational historic talks to benefit the Leechburg Area Museum and Historical Society over the past few years. The most recent talk hosted by the Lodge was given on May 22nd by William Carroll, local historian and past principal of Leechburg High School. His presentation centered on the contributions of the Colonial Militia which was started during the Revolutionary War Era and in later years became the National Guard. His talk included a slide show of the uniforms worn by the Militia and National Guard over its history. The latest uniform was modeled by PFC Justin Beattie of the 2th Division of the National Guard. Major (USAF retired) Anthony Shea. Jr. presented a talk on the Militia’s involvement in the Battle of Kittanning led by Gen. Armstrong for whom Armstrong County is named. Light refreshment were served by the Lodge following the presentations. Donations received will benefit the Leechburg Area Museum and Historical Society.

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