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Two Local Businesses are Changing Locations

Written By: Clinton N. Godlesky
Story Date: August 21st, 2004

Kiski Valley Video's new location

Two local businesses are busy changing locations. The first is Kiski Valley Video. After another 10 years in their current location they need to move their store again. The need more room. They will be moving their store from 100 Market Street to 168 Market Street.

The store will also have its 20th anniversary on October the 8th. Kiski Valley Video opened their store next to Klugh's Service October 8th, 1984. For almost 10 years they stayed at that location and then had to move because of a lack of room. They moved to their current location on the corner of Market Street and Third Street at 100 Market Street. This occured during May of 1994. They are out of room again and are moving to 168 Market Street, the opposite corner store from their current location. They will be moved by August 31st.

The new location is across from the Leechburg Pharmacy, next to the Allegheny Federal Credit Union, and up the Street from Bonello's Restaurant.

Adam Seevers new location

The other store that is changing its location is Adam Seevers Barber Shop. After a fire gutted the building next to his I am assuming he needs somewhere else to open up shop. So he is moving to an empty store front next to the Kiski Valley Assembly of God. They are housed in a large three building complex so they had a building to spare.

Seevers's old place of buisness was on Third Street between Rivertown Pub and H & R Block. I am not sure how long his shop was there, but I can recall getting haircuts from him back in 1997, so it's been at least 8 years. In the paper he said he would open back up, so he certainly did keep his word.


LIP Intersection - Second and Market Streets

LIP Intersection - Third and Market Streets

LIP Intersection - Third and Main Streets

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