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State Police Standoff in Leechburg

Written By: Clinton N. Godlesky
Story Date: September 05, 2004

State Police holding a position at corner of building

Early today a standoff happened at the Intersection of Third and Main Streets. A team of officers that are unofficaly Pennsylvania's State SERT hurried to surround the Valley Plumbing and Heating Building. At the time I was having breakfast at the Happy Day Cafe when the team dressed in camo holding high powered rifles hurried to secure the area. Apparently they had spend the previous night hunting the man down around the Lovers Leap area. There were 26 members of the team.

One of the men held a position right across the street against a telephone pole taking a view through his scope every few seconds. There were an additional two officers behind a blue car in the parking lot of the IGA. There was an officer at the corner of the Primary Care Center and one made it onto the roof of Valley Heating and Plumbing. There were also a number of others positioned in various "hidden" places.

Leechburg Police securing a location at the foot of Third Street.

As of this writing I do not know if they apprehended the man or not. He was alleged to have shot two people up towards lovers leap road in Gilpin Township last night. You could not easily get close to the action. I was able to walk through the riverfront park and get positioned behind the IGA without doing any sneaking. One of the team members told me to leave the area because I was in the line of fire. I kept traveling towards the Micropower building until I approached another State Trooper.

View of Valley. It's in the center.

The State Trooper asked me if I had any Identification on me and I said no. We chatted for a while and he got my name and where I lived. He said he did not know what exactly went on. He said he had transferred to Butler from Washington County just recently and did not know the area well.

Two troopers positioned behind the center car.

View from the church at Third and Siberian


LIP Intersection - Third and Market Streets

LIP Intersection - Third and Main Streets

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