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Leechburg Elks Host Talk to Benefit Leechburg Museum

Written By: Rosemarie Shea Lodge Secretary, Leechburg Elks
Story Date: April 17, 2009

Over the last several years, Leechburg Elks has presented several informational historic talks to benefit the Leechburg Area Museum and Historical Society. Their most recent talk was presented on April 16th by William Carroll, local historian and past principal of Leechburg High School and Major Anthony Shea Jr. USAF retired and
former assistant professor at VMI and Mary Baldwin College. Their presentation centered on the medical technologies used during the Civil War. They discussed medical schools of that era, types of anesthesia and pain killers used, the types of wounds treated on the
battlefields, the ambulance corps, Civil War nurses, field surgeons and the types and outcomes of surgeries performed. A varied audience attended including Boy Scouts from Troop 555 and a Civil War reenactor from the 78th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, Company F. Light refreshment were served by the Lodge following the
presentations. Donations received will benefit the Leechburg Area Museum and Historical Society.

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