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New Gazebo at Leechburg's Riverfront Park

Written By: Clinton N. Godlesky
Story Date: October 06th, 2004

I will be the first to admit it, I never thought it would happen. The new Gazebo in the Riverfront Park is finally being built. And in fast time too. I was coming over the bridge this afternoon and saw the construction going on.

Their goal is the have it be used for a back drop for wedding day photos, family reunions, birthdays, class assemblies or to just sit and admire the beauty of town. I do not know if they plan to charge for such activities, but being a free park I do not anticipate there being one.

The Gazebo project is one the Leechburg Recreational Authority has been trying to accomplish for over a year. Just this past winter and spring posters with the heading "History in Progress" were posted on boards at local businesses asking for help to build it. Some companies donated large amounts of money. They claimed that it was going to cost quite a bit ($30,000), enough to purchase a new piece of land in town.

As of today construction continues. When it is finally over, take a walk down to the river front part and admire the new gazebo.

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