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Progress Being Made in Building Demolitions

Written By: Clinton N. Godlesky
Story Date: October 07th, 2004

The building that was originally torn down has been completly demolished and Adam Seever's old barber shop is on it's way. After the first building was cleared it was ovious that the building next door had caught on fire too. It was aparently enough to cause severe structure damage so that buiilding is now coming down too. Quite a loss in downtown real estate, but both buildings were old and not quite attractive.

There apparently has been no leads in the capture of the person who caught the building on fire. Shortly after the fire had burned, signs were losely stapled around town offering a reward for information leading to the capture of the suspect. Seever's building may or amy not have had insurance, but the building next to it did not, claimed it's owner.

The Rivertown Pub next door escaped with minor roof damage. This waqs primarily due to the side being brick I believe. Now this demolition leads one to wonder what kind of buildings would fill the space left behind by these two.

The building next to Klingensmith's Drug Store was torn down. I believe they own it and are planning to create additional parking and drive-thru pharmacy service. The idea was brought up at a Borough Meeting recently. They argued over which way to run the drive-thru. The borough did not like the idea of traffic coming out onto PA 66 over the pedestrian side walk. Klingensmith's thought this was necessary because that is the only way that would wor to have the dirve-thru window on the drivers side of cars.

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