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Election Day 2004

Written By: Clinton N. Godlesky
Story Date: November 2nd, 2004

Sunshine Apartments Polling Place
It's Election Day yet again. Today is the big one, George Bush Vs. John Kerry. Campaign signs posted everywhere. Even people in Monroeville standing on the street corners waving their canidates banner waving at those who go by. Why such the commotion, it's just the president?

Well, for one thing, it resolves the all important to the public Republican vs. Democrat Issue. From the past four presidents, only one Democrat has been president, Former President Bill Clinton. It is also about the war, gun control, abortion, gay marriage, and everything else the canidates elaborate on.

Next years election will choose the next Mayor of Leechburg. The current mayor Jane Favero was elected in 2001 as Leechburg's first woman mayor. she gets to attend special ribbon cutting ceremonies, direct the police department, perform marraiges, and put a public face to the town. I have never actually seen her face to face so I'm not sure how much of a public face a mayor puts on.

As for the 2005 race, I am seriously considering running. I currently hold a position on Leechburg Board of School Directors having a term that expires December of 2005. At that time I must be reelected or I must leave my seat on the board. As of today I plan on running for both seats and hoping for the best. If in the case I win both seats, I would choose mayor over school board to have the honor of serving as the town's mayor.

In conclusionm election day is an important day. You can whine all you want about what our leaders are doing, but in the end the majority of us gets to select who stays, goes, or replaces somebody. Get out there and vote. The polls are open until 8:00 PM tonight.

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