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Written By: carl kemp
Story Date: May 10, 2011

Ok im really sick of all the people and cops telling us we can ride bikes or skate in this town really there is nothing for us to do and when we find something to do we get told we are not allowed. Well hey atleast im not doing drugs im just trying to make a boring place maken it a place full of fun at times what I really think should happen is take the old mill parking lot pave it and make it flat then allow all forms of riders in town come together and build it up and if something gets broke or someone messes it up let us deal with it must of us that would work on it will be there everyday to watch over it. I say give us that and some help getting it started that's all we ask is to be allowed to ride and skate its not like u gotta watch us. O ya I can see that the cops not allowing the kids to do stuff is a really good way to keep them from causeing trouble and stealing stuff well when it happens all I have to say is i told u so that's what happens when u act like jack offs and dickheads. Well I guess this prob wont be talked about but it should be its something u once did and ur kids should do so if anyone brings it up I would like to hear about it at. 7246810090

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