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Road Signs in Leechburg

Written By: Anthony (Tony) Quarato, Jr.
Story Date: August 22, 2011

I, like other business owners in Leechburg, want to promote and maintain a safe, customer-friendly community. None of us wants to lose a loyal customer nor do we want to discourage customers from coming to shop in Leechburg. All of us want a safe community.

Speeding citations are given to those drivers who do not adhere to the 25 mph speed limit when entering and leaving Leechburg. In an effort to maintain both a safe and a customer-friendly town, I thought signs notifying visitors and reminding residents that the 25 mph speed limit is strictly enforced would stop these citations.

After discussing this idea with Chief of Police Michael Diebold and Leechburg Council member Tom Foster and then getting concurrence and approval from City Council, I purchased six signs and donated them to the Borough. These signs read “Speed limit is strictly enforced” and have been placed by Borough Personnel under the existing 25 mph signs. These signs are located going in and out of town.

Anthony J. Quarato, Jr.
Quarato & Quarato, Inc.

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