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New Menu Avilable

Written By: Clinton N. Godlesky
Story Date: November 26th, 2004

Ever since JD's Roadhouse placed their business information on there has been a menu avilable to look at. Not since they added theirs back in May have we had another.

We had a demo for China Keng's Menu to test out the feature. That has since left the mainstream and may still exist in the older part of the site. That was always one of the coolest things about the site when I was dreaming it up, the ability to have menus on the site. I was picturing it catching on really good so that we were the one stop place to see menus online.

Guess it's going to take longer than that. But we do have good news. Dizzy's now hosts their Menu online. So go check it out. And if your a restaurant ownder reading this now, come Sign Up and get your menu on here now!

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