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Book on Asthma by Local Author

Written By: LuAnn Cibik
Story Date: December 09th, 2004

"Air Passages: Surviving Asthma Naturally" is the new book by local oriental medicine doctor Ted J. Cibik. A native of Leechburg, Dr. Cibik is a life long asthmatic. While using traditional western medicine approaches with his asthma and allergies all his life, he was inspired even at a very young age to pursue other forms of healing and treatment as well. When he was 5 years old, he was not expected to live to his teen years because of the severity of his asthma. Today, he is a doctor of Medical Qigong (one of the four branches of Chinese Medicine), and also a licensed doctor of naturopathy. He credits his approaches with diet, exercise and stress management to his ability to survive and thrive, even as one of the 10 worse asthma cases in the US. His book details everything from diet, exercise, supplements, herbals and stress management techniques to work with asthma and allergies. Dr. Cibik is the son of Joseph and Leona Cibik, also of Leechburg. Dr. Cibik credits his parents for their encouragement even at a very young age to seek out natural approaches to dealing with his asthmatic condition.

Dr Cibik has presented information from this book at the National Qigong Conference in August 2004 held in Michigan, and at the Taoist Gathering October 2004 in San Francisco. ‘Qi Magazine’ and ‘Traditional Chinese Medicine’ magazine have articles in their recent editions based on "Air Passage".

Dr. Cibik is located at Inner Strength, on Lovers Leap Road in Leechburg. His clients and patients come from the local Pittsburgh area as well as Maryland, Ohio, New York, Michigan and Canada. While he travels extensively lecturing across the nation, he also has regular clinic times and classes at Inner Strength, Health and Wellness center.

Dr. Cibik will be doing a brief presentation and book signing at Chapters Bookstore in Lower Burrell on December 18th at 11 am. His book is also available on his website at For more information, please call him at 724-845-1041

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