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Boyscout Past Pictures

Written By: Clinton N. Godlesky
Story Date: December 20th, 2004

Table made by a Leechburg boy scout pack.
On a recent trip out towards Moraine State Park I had the opportunity to tour a boy scout camp maintained by Moraine State Park. At this camp I had the opportunity to view the main dining area where the boy scouts eat during ther summer trips to the camp.

Talk about history. The main hall has been quite unchanged for the past 50 years. But this story is not about the boy scouts, it's about the table that was right in front when I walked in. There is a large green snake right in the center. Around the snake are the words eagle, star, life, 1st class. Troop 524. The man who cares for the camp said he believed that the pack no longer existed.

Sign made by a Leechburg boy scout Troop 524.

Does anyone know who was in this pack? Have any more pictures? We would love to see them and hear your stories. Send any information to Thanks.

From John Foster:

Clint, As a former member (late 60's through 1976) of Boy Scout Troop 524, Leechburg. I can add some insight to the troup and the pictures in your article.

First, the troup itself does not exist, I believe it folded in the middle 80's. While I was a member our sponser was the First Lutheran Church on Main and Market Street. We had many Spaghetti dinner's as fund raisers to purchase camping equipment and to help defray the cost of camping trips. The Scout Master during my time with the troup was Alfred Slagle (deceased) and he instructed us on many camping skills.

Our projects were, American Red Cross First Aid (some of us went on to join Lower Kiski as attendants - I was one of them) and we also learned how to make rope out of binder twine with a machine that we built with bicicle sprockets and chains. The sign in the lower photo in your article was made during a camp outing which I attended for a camp site sign. The rope was originally made for this by the troup.

Now the table may have been at another camp outing. The words on the corner's are the four "ranks" that a person could achieve while being a boy scout. There is one missing though "Tenderfoot" which is what you are when you first join. The highest "rank" is "Eagle Scout". There is honor of this rank. Although I do not consider myself an under achiver, I attained the "rank" of "Life Scout". I turned 18 and at that time this age limit prevented one from becoming an Eagle Scout.

I still have some of my Boy Scout packet in a foot locker that used while I was a member. I hope this gives you some insight on this. There also was a Cub Scout Pack 524, which I also was member, it was sponsered by the Hebron Lutheran Church.

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