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Meditation and Weight Loss

Written By: Ted Cibik, ND
Story Date: January 15th, 2005

I can imagine your surprise seeing these two topics together! Maybe not. Perhaps you are one of several million people who used mind-body therapies in the last year. In fact, in a recent survey conducted by Harvard Medical School, nineteen percent of Americans used mind-body therapy in the last year and published this in the Journal of Internal Medicine.

In another study published in the peer-reviewed Nature Neuroscience, people who had higher levels of body awareness may experience more feeling of anxiety and other negative emotions. The purpose of this research was to better understand the connection between emotions and the physiological state. The researchers suggested that if people with anxiety disorders do have a stronger understanding of their physiological state then behavioral therapies, such as meditation, will play and important role in managing these emotions!

A third study showed that meditation/ visualization will help older adults remember to take their medication and follow medical advice 50% better than other participants using other memory techniques, according to a study published in Psychology and Aging.

In a fourth study, (bear with me you will see where this is going) demonstrable effects on brain and immune function were reported in as little as 8 weeks utilizing a method of mindful meditation. The meditattors had significant increases in left-brain activation, a pattern associated with positive mood states, compared to non-meditators, as published in the peer reviewed journal Psychosomatic Medicine.

And finally, the last study conducted by the Center for the Study of Health, Religion, and Spirituality at Indiana State University in a joint effort with the Center for Integrative Medicine at Duke University showed that after only 9 weeks, binge eating and related symptoms can be decreas! ed with meditation!

What is interesting is that all! of thes e studies were completed in 2004 except for the study published in Psychosomatic Medicine. We are definitely moving forward in mind-body studies and the importance of meditation is surely becoming highlighted as the on of the most promising pathways to better health. This measurable impact on the people’s health and well being can no longer be ignored.

That is why Inner Strength is offering a 8 week meditation class focusing on these very meditation techniques to help people lose weight, understand better their emotions tied to food, and positively reinforce relaxed and calm behavior for those who eat out of nervousness or other emotional reactions. Please call for further details on this important landmark approach to managing your health. This class starts on January 18th, at 7pm, and will meet of rthe next 8 weeks. Please call 724-845-1041 to register for this workshop that could change your life. Class cost is $60.

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