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Local Man featured on WQED

Written By: LuAnn Cibik
Story Date: February 16, 2005

Ted J Cibik, ND, DMQ was filmed for a feature segment with 'On Q Magazine', to be shown on WQED on March 2, 7:30 pm. The show is dedicated to asthma, with information on everything from it's root causes to treatment from both modern medicine to ancient traditions.

Dr Cibik specializes in Chinese Medicine and Naturopathic medicine and has recently written a book on asthma entitled 'Air Passages: Surviving Asthma Naturally'. Dr. Cibik recommends that asthma sufferers investigate both western medicine and eastern medicine in working with their asthma and allergies, but that ancient solutions can help alleviate asthma severity and frequency of attacks.

Filming for the show occurred at Inner Strength Wellness Center, 1 mile outside of Leechburg on Lovers Leap Rd.

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