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The Moorish Whore by Rebekah Scott

Written By: Joseph Kantor
Story Date: February 13, 2013

Carried off as a prize of war nearly a thousand years ago, Muslim Princess Zaida became the wife of Catholic King Alonso of Castille…a precarious position for a dark-skinned royal. Their love was strong, but this was a marriage of deceit in which she was a pawn. It was French Abbot Bernardo, chief prelate of the monastery housing her...she could not possibly live as the queen!...who dubbed her “the Moorish whore,” and relished that she was an outcast and considered a prostitute by many.
At the end of her life Zaida, and known as Sister Mary Isabel, she wrote her story and hid it in stones of the cloister in which she lived nearly a thousand years ago. The documents are real; the story, true. Author Rebekah Scott wove poetry and tales from the golden age of Islamic Spain to craft a rousing story about the will to survive. Zaida… Princess Isabel…Sister Mary Isabel…no matter the name…was a fiercely independent woman who met the shifting fortunes of her life and times with strength, courage and wisdom.
Scott currently lives in northern Spain where she hosts pilgrims, raises animals…and writes using the marvelous stories she finds everywhere around her.
This is a great story!

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