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Community Easter Egg Hunt

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Story Date: March 28, 2005

The 2nd Annual Leechburg Community Easter Egg Hunt Sponcered by the Leechburg Moose Lodge on Saturday March 19th was a Great Sucess.

It turned out to be a Beautiful Day with the Rain holding off until the late afternoon. Over 130 Treat Bags and Toys were passed out to Children 12 and under. A lot of preparation was made by the men and women of the Leechburg 102 Lodge. On Wednesday evening over 2500 eggs were stuffed with candy. 200 Treat Bags filled with Candy. We had a fine turnout of Volunteers that had a great time while stuffing the eggs.

Early Saturday morning many of our members came to get the Hunt ready. The eggs had to be put out and caution tape set up around the area. Members also lined the river bank so that no child could stray to close to the river. The Lodge was set up for the Children's Activities.

The Easter Bunny then showed up to Start the Hunt. Chil! dren when set up according to their age and were allowed to get a equal amount of eggs. As one Age Group finished another age group would start.

After that group was done they were invited to the lodge for their treat bags and toys. While they were there they recieved Free Hotdogs, Huggies, Photo with Easter Bunny, Treat Bag and Toy. Children were also treated to Face Painting and Spin Art. Every Child received an equal amount. The Children and Parents seemed to have a great time and the members that helped enjoyed all the children.

Special Thanks goes Out to The Business's in The Area that donated Money or Items to hold the event. A sign in the front of the Leechburg Moose lists the Donations. Please stop by their business and thank them. Also a Special Thanks to Leechburg Fire Police that directed the traffic and helped at the road crossing's.

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