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Romeo's Uninstalls Their Gas Pumps

Written By: Clinton N. Godlesky
Story Date: May 08th, 2004

On my way down to the IGA this morning I saw this view of Romeo's. Their price sign was gone, dirt everywhere, and a back hoe was tearing up the ground. In the back of their building was a large tank, which I assumed was their gas tank.

I knew that Hilltop gas station had removed their pumps and put new ones in about 5 years ago, so I figured this is what was happening this time. After asking around for more information I found out that they were taking them out for good because of the way gas prices were.

This came as a surprise because as long as I have lived here, Romeo's was there. Now, there is only one gas station left in town, the Sunoco on the corner of First and Market Street.

Also, I heard rumors that they are putting in a Subway in place of the gas station. That is certainly welcomed in this town as we do no represent many chain brands. That would never replace Bonello's as far as their sandwiches go, but it would be a great alternative.

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