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Program on French and Indian War Presented at the Leechburg Elks Lodge

Written By: Rosemarie Shea, Lodge Secretary
Story Date: March 06, 2006

The Lodge recently hosted a program on the French and Indian War with particular attention to the events of that war that occurred in western Pennsylvania. The program was opened by Gary Keefer, who introduced William Carroll, a local historian and former Leechburg High School principal. Mr. Carroll detailed Colonial policy between 1492 and 1750 and described the weapons and tactics used by the participants in the French and Indian War. He outlined various battles of the war and the results of the war on America. He was assisted by Air Force Major Anthony G. Shea, who presented a talk and slides on the battle in Kittanning that occurred during the war. Mr. Carroll suggested several sites located within the western Pennsylvania area for those with an interest in the history of this area to visit. A question and answer period followed the program. Light refreshment donated by the Lodge were served. All donations received have been donated to the Leechburg Area Museum and Historical Society.

Submitted by
Rosemarie Shea Lodge Secretary
Leechburg Elks Lodge 377
phone 724 295 4816

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