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Troop 580 Participates in Shotgun Orientation

Written By: Major Anthony G. Shea Jr.
Story Date: March 06, 2006

The Boy Scoutís of Troop 580 recently conducted a shotgun orientation course as part of their shotgun merit badge requirement. The West Penn Sportsmenís Club in Murrysville graciously provided both free instruction and ammunition to10 boys. The scoutís received extensive instruction on fire arms safety and handling. The scouts thoroughly enjoyed shooting at clay pigeons as part of the training. Troop 580 hosts its normal meetings at the Bethel Lutheran Church, Bethel Township on Monday evenings.

Submitted by;
Major Anthony G. Shea Jr.
Commander, Support Flight
311th Recruiting Squadron
WP: (724) 743-8500 Ext 105
CELL: (724) 991-5485
FAX: (724) 743-8511

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