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If cats have 9 lives, these ones now have 8!

Written By: Susan Stafford
Story Date: October 30, 2006

Recently a house in Leechburg caught fire, tragically. Inside the home were many animals, including a mother and her litter of 5 kittens. The firemen successfully rescued three of them, but unfortunately the mother and two of the kittens didn't make it. A neighbor took it upon herself to raise the surviving kittens by feeding them milk via an eye-dropper and gradually weining them to solid food. They have grown to be beautiful, healthy kittens.

When asked, the family said they were waiting until they were old enough to take to "the pound." The helpful neighbor could not imagine, After hand raising these amazing kittens, just dropping them off at the shelter, especially since shelters have such an abundance of animals to find homes for.

Luckily one of the little sweeties has found a home, but there are still two special survivors that need a loving and caring home. If you are interested, or know of anyone that is interested please send an email to

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