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New Menu Feature

Written By: Clinton N. Godlesky
Story Date: May 13th, 2004

While looking online for a new pair of shoes the other day, I came to a conclusion. Would it not be nice if I could see all of the shoes on one page? I was clicking through all sorts of categories looking for the right pair of shoes, but there were 15 different categories.

Cross training, Running, Walking, Tennis, Track, Speciality, Basketball, Baseball, Football, Outdoors, Water. They have a shoe for everything. So, I took my desire for all on one page and applied it to the menus. Currently we host two menus on the site, one for a customer and one for an example. To see the different pages of the menu, you have to click each link to change it.

So, I created one more link, the all link. If you are on DSL, Cable, or something faster, the entire menu will one up quick. The folks on dial-up will wait, but many of them do not mind. The internet has been changing to accomidate the faster customers lately anyway.

So, check them out. First is JD's Roadhouse and the other is China Keng

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